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Image of wastewater being collected for testing.

Environmental Compliance / Source Control Program

Controlling toxics at their source is the most effective way of keeping pollutants out of the local water environment. Our treatment plant is not designed to remove chemicals and metals, and our Collection System can be damaged by some substances (e.g., Fats, Oils, Grease).

To prevent damage to either, Environmental Compliance/Source Control Program monitors the wastewater discharged at various points to our collection (sewer) system, ensuring that business and industry are complying with discharge requirements. A key element of the program is education. We believe that the more people understand the hazards of toxic discharges to the sewer, the less likely they are to pollute.

Source Control Staff
Contact names and telephone numbers for Source Control staff members.

Information detailing Source Control requirements is available to assist regulated businesses understand and comply with regulations.

Permitted Industrial User
Source Control uses the Industrial User (IU) permitting program to enhance the oversight of an individual facility or a group of businesses.

Waste Haulers
CCCSD issues permits to Waste Haulers that truck certain wastes to our treatment plant for disposal. 

Healthcare Facilities
Healthcare workers can help prevent contaminants of concern -- mercury, pharmaceuticals, and disinfection chemicals -- from entering the sanitary sewer system.


Stormwater Program
CCCSD works with the Contra Costa Clean Water Program (CWP) to perform stormwater inspections in the ten incorporated cities of central Contra Costa County.

Source Control conducts inspections of both permitted and non-permitted facilities to ensure that permit requirements and District Code regulations are met.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)
BMPs facilitate regulatory compliance. They can significantly reduce the risk of pollution and may even save you money.

Special Discharge Permit
CCCSD issues Special Discharge Permits to businesses that have a temporary, non-standard wastewater discharge to the sewer system. Pool, Spa or Fountain Application now available online.

Other Resources
CCCSD supplies information on companies that provide services related to complying with the Source Control Ordinance and meeting Pollution Prevention program goals