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Image of wastewater being collected for testing.

Source Control & Pollution Prevention

Our Source Control Program began in the mid 1970s in response to the Clean Water Act and was enhanced in 1981 to provide CCCSD with enforcement authority.



Controlling toxics at their source is the most effective way of keeping pollutants out of the local water environment. Since our treatment plant is not designed to remove chemicals and metals, the goal of our Source Control Program is to monitor the wastewater discharged at various points of our collection (underground pipeline) system and to help businesses and industries to comply with requirements related to wastewater discharge to the sewers.

Residential discharge is also monitored. Since there are almost 150,000 households in central Contra Costa County, enforcement is difficult, if not impossible. So, we prefer to take another approach, EDUCATION. We believe that the more people understand about the hazards of toxic discharges to the sewer, the less likely they are to pollute. CCCSD has developed educational programs for students, the general public, and businesses with the goal of informing them about how to reduce toxic discharge, and to bring toxic materials to the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility.