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CCCSD collects an annual Sewer Service Charge from each property connected to the sewer system. The current residential rate is $530 per year for a single family residence, and $513 per year for a multi-family residential unit, billed as a line item labeled "CCCSD SEWER CHG" on the property tax bill you receive from Contra Costa County. (About 300 properties, particularly government and non-profit facilities are billed directly).  CCCSD also receives approximately $73 of your property tax for operating, maintaining, and renewing of facilities.


Sewer connections are handled by the Permit Team on an individual basis, making it extremely difficult to list all possible scenarios and their associated fees. There are many stipulations that can impact those fees. Please call 925-229-7371 for more information.

Rates and Schedules

Click here for detailed rates and fees schedules. 

Overview of CCCSD Sewer Connection Fees

As the name implies, sewer connection fees are paid when a building’s plumbing facilities are connected to the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) public sewer system. While this normally applies to new construction of houses or commercial property, sewer connection fees may also be required when existing buildings or businesses are modified in a way that results in additional wastewater being generated.

Generally, the type of user you are (i.e., residential or commercial) determines the fees you will be required to pay when connecting to the public sewer system.

What do these sewer fees pay for?

Capacity Fee

Capacity Fees are established for new users of the CCCSD public sewer system and are based on a “buy-in” approach, where the new user is buying-in to all of CCCSD’s capital assets. In a nutshell, this one-time fee is your fair share of the cost of these capital assets which are needed to collect, treat and safely recycle or dispose of your wastewater.

  • If you are connecting a house (or building with multiple residential living units), your fee is assessed at a fixed rate (per unit).
  • If you are connecting a business or industrial property, the fee is calculated based on a comparison between the volume and strength of wastewater from 1,000 square feet of the particular business or industry space, and an average residence. For example, a 1,000-square-foot retail store typically produces less wastewater than an average residence, so the fee for the store would be less than the fee for a single-family house. On the other hand, a 1,000-square-foot restaurant or laundromat typically produces 4 to 13 times more wastewater than an average residence, so their fee would be higher.
  • If you are expanding your commercial building, changing your business operation, or adding more living units to your property, you may have to pay additional Capacity Fees.
  • If your property is located in an area where gravity alone cannot deliver your wastewater to the treatment plant, you will be charged an additional Capacity Fee. This fee is for your share of the capital cost of pumping stations and other facilities needed to augment gravity sewers. These pumping zones include portions of Martinez, Orinda, Moraga, North Concord, and San Ramon.

Plan Review Fee

This one-time fee covers the cost of CCCSD staff reviewing the plans and documents related to connecting your house or building to the public sewer system. These may include:

  • Plans for main sewer extensions
  • Right-of-Way documents
  • Plans for new commercial developments
  • Plans for food service facility grease removal
  • Plans for individual lot private pumping systems
  • Plans for pollution prevention measures

The review is necessary to determine: the availability of sewers in the area to serve the proposed building; whether there are any conflicts with existing CCCSD easements or facilities; and compliance with CCCSD standards and procedures.

Inspection (Permit) Fee

This one-time fee covers the cost of on-site inspections. Inspections are required when the public sewer system is extended, or when you install, replace, or repair side sewers. Side sewers are the pipelines that connect your house or building’s plumbing system to the public sewer system. Although they are owned and maintained by the property owner, CCCSD must certify that they comply with our standards.

Generally, the amount of the fee depends on the length of the public sewer extension or side sewer installation, replacement or repair.

Application Fee

This one-time fee covers the administrative costs associated with processing the paperwork involved with connecting your house or building to the public sewer system.

Sewer Service Charge

This is an annual charge that covers the ongoing costs to operate, repair, maintain, and periodically renovate, replace or upgrade CCCSD’s sewer, treatment plant, wastewater recycling and household hazardous waste collection facilities. These costs include labor, benefits, chemicals, hauling and disposal, outside services, materials and supplies, utilities, routine repairs and maintenance.

As part of your sewer connection fees, you will pay a portion of the first year’s Sewer Service Charge. This amount will be prorated, depending on the month when you pay your other fees (the sewer service year runs from July through June).

In the second and future years, you will pay the Sewer Service Charge as an item on your county property tax bill. (It is listed on the tax bill as “CCCSD SEWER CHG.”)

Annexation Charge

If your property is currently located outside the CCCSD service area, your property must be annexed (added to our service area) before it can be connected to our public sewer system. The annexation must be approved by the Contra Costa Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).

The one-time Annexation Charge covers the administrative costs of this annexation procedure, which includes processing your petition, preparing maps, descriptions, staff reports and resolutions, and paying LAFCO and State filing fees.

The Annexation Charge for major subdivisions containing 10 or more lots is paid when the annexation petition is filed. Annexation Charges for all other properties are paid when the property is connected to the sewer system.

Reimbursement Fee

This one-time fee is sometimes collected by CCCSD to reimburse the original installers of the particular public sewer to which your home or building will be connected, for your share of the cost to design and construct that public sewer. (See fact sheet on “Reimbursement Program” for more information.)

In Summary

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, developer, or contractor who wants to hook up to the sewer system, the CCCSD Permit team is committed to serving your needs and making the process as efficient as possible.

If you have any questions or would like a quote of your connection fees, please contact the Permit team at (925) 229-7371.