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Reimbursement Program: Non-Installer (Form 2243)

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The District requires that sewers be designed and installed to provide service to properties that can reasonably be expected to develop and connect to the sewer in the foreseeable future. Because of this policy, developers, in many cases, are required to install public sewers which provide service to other noncontributing properties. The District has developed a reimbursement program to permit the original installer to recoup a portion of the cost of the sewer main construction when others connect to the system. The District collects reimbursement fees from property owners (non-installers) to cover their share of the cost of the sewer facilities. The charges are used to reimburse the original installer for the non-installer's share of the cost of the sewer facilities.

Generally, the reimbursement fee that applies to any given sewer facility is determined by taking into consideration the actual cost of construction, engineering costs, zoning regulations, potential service area, and number of potential connections to the sewer facility. The reimbursement fee is calculated by dividing the number of connections (units of use) into the total allowable project costs.

Payment of any applicable reimbursement fee is due prior to connection of the property to the District's sewer system. Personnel at the District's permit counter will tell you when a reimbursement fee is due on a property and the amount of that charge.