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School Mercury Minimization Program

Mercury is a highly toxic metal that causes water pollution problems at very low concentrations. One of the many ways we’re working to keep mercury out of the environment is by helping schools in our service area to identify and reduce mercury sources in their chemistry labs and facility operations.

In addition to on-site meetings with school administrators, chemistry teachers, and facility maintenance staff during which we share tips on how they can reduce mercury in their school, we offer:
• Free disposal of the school’s mercury wastes through our Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility;
• Free non-mercury laboratory-grade thermometers in exchange for their mercury ones;
• A recognition program that acknowledges schools that have adopted effective mercury-control strategies;
• Educational materials for faculty, students and parents about mercury pollution prevention.

View the list of Mercury Minimization Award High Schools in our service area.


Mercury Minimization Resources: